JCL requirements when SS-STATS routine is applied

The SS-STATS routine is used within a FABHURG1 job or a FABHFSU job. Therefore, you must prepare a JCL for either of these unload utilities and modify the JCL to meet the JCL requirements for using the SS-STATS routine.

For the JCL requirements of FABHURG1 and FABHFSU utilities, see Basic job control language.

The additional DD statements required to use the SS-STATS routine are described in the following table.

Table 1. Additional DD statements for SS-STATS routine
DDNAME Use Format Need
HSSROPT Input LRECL=80 Required
HSSRSTAT Output LRECL=133 Required
This required input data set contains optional control statements such as the SSSTATS control statement.

Usually, when the SS-STATS routine is activated, the database should already be an HDAM database using the Sequential Subset Randomizer. However, the SS-STATS routine can be activated even if the database is not randomized with the Sequential Subset Randomizer, or if it is not an HDAM database. In this case, the user needs to provide the name of a Sequential Subset Randomizer (which has been generated with an accurate description of the subsets and subset IDs) on the SSSTATS control statement.

This required output data set is used for IMS High Performance Unload to write statistical reports. The reports of the SS-STATS routine are also written to the HSSRSTAT data set.