FABHFSU JCL requirements (PSF mode)

FABHFSU in PSF mode runs as an HSSR application program and, therefore, must meet the requirements for the basic JCL (FABHX034 JCL). In addition, FABHFSU JCL for PSF mode requires other DD statements.

Prerequisite: See Basic JCL requirements for the basic (FABHX034) JCL requirements.

The following table summarizes additional JCL requirements for FABHFSU. In PSF mode, CNTLDD DD statement is also required.

Table 1. FABHFSU DD statements for PSF mode
DDNAME Use Format Need
CARDIN Input LRECL=80 Optional
PRNTOUT Output LRECL=133 Required
ddname1 Output RECFM=VB Required
CNTLDD Input and Output LRECL=80 Required for PSF

The functions of CARDIN DD, PRNTOUT DD, and ddname1 DD are the same in the FABHFSU standard mode and in the PSF mode. See FABHFSU JCL requirements for details.

This DD statement defines the input and output scan control data set, which has the following format:
 //CNTLDD DD DSN=fsuscancntl,DISP=SHR 

DSN is the user data set name assigned when scan control data set is created by FABHPSFC.