Program FABHURG1 compared its ddname output with the output from the IMS HD Reorganization Unload utility (which was defined by the SYSUT1 DD statement). FABHURG1 detected that these data sets contain records that are not equal.

System action

FABHURG1 ends abnormally. In the dump, Register 7 will point to the SYSUT1 record and Register 8 to the ddname record.

User response

Complete the following tasks to identify the cause, and take appropriate actions:

  • Ensure that the database processed by HSSR Engine was not being updated at the time when the error occurred.
  • Ensure that the database and DBD have not been updated between the execution of IMS HD Reorganization Unload and the execution of FABHURG1.
  • Ensure that SYSUT1 is created with the IMS HD Reorganization Unload utility without any user exit routine.
  • Check whether the execution of the IMS HD Reorganization Unload utility is successful.

If the problem persists, run FABHURG1 with the HSSROPT compare option and the HSSROPT hardcopy trace option. If necessary, contact IBM® Software Support.