Product-sensitive macros

IMS High Performance Unload provides product-sensitive macros.

Begin product-sensitive programming interface information.

The macros described here are provided for use by system programmers in writing programs that use the services of HSSR Engine. Only the macros identified in this topic should be used to request or receive the services of HSSR Engine.

The product-sensitive macros listed in the following table are provided in HPS.SHPSMAC0 macro library.

Table 1. Product-sensitive macros for system program interfaces
Macro name Description
FABHDMB Mapping for HSSR Engine Data Management Block (HDMB)
FABHJCB Mapping for HSSR Engine Job Control Block (HJCB)
FABHPTR Mapping for HSSR Engine Pointer Block (HPTR)
FABHRAN Mapping for HSSR Engine CAB RBA-range description table (HRAN)
FABHSDB Mapping for HSSR Engine Segment Descriptor Block (HSDB)
FABHURGR Mapping for the format *F1, *F2, or *F3 record that can be produced by the FABHURG1 unload utility
FABHFSUR Mapping for the format HS, VB, or VN record that can be produced by the FABHFSU unload utility

End product-sensitive programming interface information.