FABHURG1 SYSIN input data set

The SYSIN data set for the FABHURG1 utility contains the control statements for the FABHURG1 utility.

Normally, unless a user record-formatting routine or an optional user exit routine is invoked, only two control statements are required for FABHURG1: the PCB control statement and the FRMT control statement. If the defaults are taken, neither of these control statements is required.

Other control statements for general use are:

  • DEC
Tip: FABHURG1 provides a user exit interface for system programmers. System programmers can provide their own record-formatting routine to unload the database into their own format rather than one of the standard formats. For the SYSIN control statement intended mainly for system programmers to use, see User record-formatting routine.


This data set contains 80-byte fixed-length records. The control statements can be coded in the input stream or accessed as members of a partitioned data set.