RTEXIT control statement

The RTEXIT control statement is used to specify the name of a runtime environment exit routine that can initialize and terminate processing required by the user's environment, such as a COBOL II runtime environment.

The FABHRTEX module is provided as the default runtime environment exit routine, which is a dummy exit routine that returns to HSSR Engine without any processing. If any initialization or termination processing is required by your environment, you can modify this routine or write your own exit routine.
Note: IBM® Enterprise COBOL Version 5 or later does not support the IGZERRE interface for the runtime environment setup. If the interface is used in your runtime environment exit routine, remove the RTEXIT control statement. Instead, specify a language environment option to invoke CEEPIPI provided by Language Environment® not only for initialization and termination calls but also for each segment call of your user exit routine for unload utilities. For more information, see EXIT control statement for FABHURG1 or PSB control statement for FABHFSU.

The runtime environment exit routine is called before and after an HSSR application program is invoked. If no RTEXIT control statement is specified, the IBM-supplied FABHRTEX module or the user-written FABHRTEX module is called as the runtime environment exit routine. For more information about FABHRTEX, see Runtime Environment exit (FABHRTEX).


RTEXIT xxxxxxxx 
Code the RTEXIT keywords.
The left-aligned load module name of the runtime environment exit routine.