HSSRPCB control statement

The HSSRPCB control statement specifies the HSSR PCBs by using PCB numbers.

The HSSRPCB control statement has the following functions:

  • Defines the specified DL/I PCBs as HSSR PCBs.
  • Enables an application issuing DL/I calls to run on one occasion with HSSR Engine, and on another occasion with DL/I.

HSSRPCB pcbnum1, pcbnum2, pcbnum3, pcbnum4,...
Code the HSSRPCB keyword to force the specified PCBs to be treated as HSSR PCBs.
Enter in this 3-digit field either multiple database PCB numbers delimited by a comma or the keyword *ALL. The PCB number for the first database PCB is 001. If the PCB numbers are specified, those PCBs are treated as HSSR PCBs. If the keyword *ALL is specified on this field, all database PCBs are considered to be HSSR PCBs.
  • A maximum of 500 PCBs can be coded.
  • The HSSRPCB control statement cannot be specified with the HSSRDBD statement.
  • If the list of PCB numbers cannot fit into one line, the PCB numbers must be specified as multiple HSSRPCB statements, each of which must fit into a line.
  • If both an HSSRPCB statement that has *ALL operand and an HSSRPCB statement that has PCB number operands are specified, the *ALL specification has priority over all others.
  • If a PCB specified on an HSSRPCB statement refers to a DBD that is specified on a DBDL1 control statement, the specification by DBDL1 statement has priority and the PCB is treated as a DL/I PCB.