Consideration for HALDB single partition processing

By specifying the HALDB control statement on the DFSHALDB DD statement, you can select a single HALDB partition to be processed. This function is the same as the IMS function with the same name HALDB Single Partition Processing.

The following figure is an example of the HALDB control statement. Here, '001' is the DB PCB number and 'PHDO01C' is the partition name that is to be processed.

Figure 1. Example of the HALDB control statement for single partition processing
//DFSHALDB DD *                       
HALDB PCB=(001,PHDO01C)     
For details of the DFSHALDB DD statement and the HALDB control statement, see IMS System Definition.
Note: If the application program issues GN calls repeatedly, and reaches the end of the partition, the status code GB is returned to the application program.