FABHURG1 unload utility

The FABHURG1 unload utility replaces the functions of the IMS HD Reorganization Unload utility (DFSURGU0) and the HISAM Reorganization Unload utility (DFSURUL0). By using HSSR Engine, FABHURG1 provides high speed unloading of databases with more control over the unload process.

FABHURG1 unloads databases faster than the IMS HD Reorganization Unload utility because it runs as an HSSR application program. The utility accepts user requests through the SYSIN data set. You can specify options for HSSR Engine by coding control statements in the HSSROPT data set and the HSSRCABP data set. For the output, in addition to the standard output reports produced by HSSR Engine, a Segment Statistics report is produced in the SYSPRINT data set.

Tip: To understand the system structure and the data flow in HSSR application jobs, see IMS High Performance Unload system structure.
You can also use the FABHURG1 utility to unload a corrupted database, perform migration unload, or fallback unload. For information about these tasks, see the following topics:

For the restrictions that apply to FABHURG1 jobs, see Restrictions for IMS High Performance Unload.