IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway

IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway, also known as IMS SOAP Gateway, is a web service solution that integrates IMS assets in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment.

SOAP Gateway enables IMS applications to interoperate outside of the IMS environment through SOAP to provide and request services that are independent of platform, environment, application language, or programming model. SOAP Gateway helps you transform your IMS applications to either web service providers or consumers.

When IMS applications are enabled as web service providers, different types of client applications, such as Microsoft .NET, Java™, and third-party applications, can submit SOAP requests into IMS to drive the business logic of the COBOL applications.

When IMS applications are enabled as web service consumers, they can call any external web services and receive the response in the same or a different transaction.

Start of changeSOAP Gateway can be installed and run on z/OS®.End of change

Start of changeIMS SOAP Gateway is stabilized. IBM will continue to ship and support IMS SOAP Gateway pursuant to existing commitments. IBM does intend to stop developing major enhancements to IMS SOAP Gateway. See the statement of direction in IBM United States Software Announcement 216-048.End of change