Upgrading from V11.5 or an earlier V11.6 release to the latest feature pack release

When IBM® releases a feature pack for InfoSphere® MDM Reference Data Management Hub and Custom Domain Hub, you can apply it using IBM Installation Manager and the Upgrade_ReferenceDataManagement madconfig target.

About this task

InfoSphere MDM Version 11.6 represents an important shift in the way that IBM delivers updates to InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management Hub and Custom Domain Hub. Product updates are now delivered using a continuous delivery strategy, meaning that new features and enhancements are now provided in smaller feature packs rather than having to wait to be included in a larger release. As a result, you can more quickly obtain new product features and more easily update your deployment to take advantage of them.

Tip: To upgrade from Version 11.5 to Version 11.6, run the madconfig script Upgrade_MasterDataManagement. For information about upgrading to Version 11.6 release from Version 11.4 or earlier, see Upgrading from a previous version.

To apply a feature pack, you must download and extract the feature pack artifacts, then run a command line tool to configure the feature pack.

Tip: For details about the included enhancements and known issues for each feature pack, see the IBM Support web site.