What's new in IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management 12.0

IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management 12.0 offers new capabilities and enhancements to support your enterprise master data management initiatives.

For information about InfoSphere MDM components that have been deprecated or removed, see Deprecated and removed components.

InfoSphere MDM 12.0.0 release (March 2021)

Support for deploying InfoSphere MDM using Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform

You can now use Ansible playbooks to manage and deploy InfoSphere MDM Standard and Advanced Edition application configurations to Red Hat OpenShift® containers. For more information about Ansible, see the Ansible documentation.

For information about deploying InfoSphere MDM using Ansible, see Deploying InfoSphere MDM on Red Hat OpenShift using Ansible.

Support for connecting InfoSphere MDM to Apache Kafka over SSL

InfoSphere MDM Standard and Advanced Editions now support SSL encrypted connections to Apache Kafka. This enhancement ensures that your data and metadata can be streamed more securely to Kafka servers.

For information about connecting InfoSphere MDM to Kafka over SSL, see Enabling Kafka security.

Improved MDM Publisher high availability and disaster recovery capabilities

This release introduces IBM MDM Publisher capabilities that help to ensure that there is no loss of data in case of failures, unavailability, or other interruptions that affect the systems involved in the data flow. MDM Publisher now includes container orchestration features such as replicas and liveliness probes that enable automatic recovery of the MDM ongoing synchronization server to greatly reduce the chances of data loss.

For information about MDM Publisher HADR capabilities, see High availability and disaster recovery support for MDM Publisher.

Web Reports now supports third party authentication and SSO

The virtual MDM Web Reports user interface application now supports third party authentication (SAML/ISAM) and single sign-on (SSO).

For information about configuring Web Reports for SSO, see Enabling third party authentication and single sign-on (SSO) in Web Reports.

Software stack updates
The InfoSphere MDM 12.0.0 release adds support for the following software:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 8
  • IBM Installation Manager 1.9
  • IBM WebSphere® Application Server
  • IBM Db2® 11.5.5
  • IBM MQ 9.2
  • Red Hat OpenShift 4.6.9
  • Kubernetes 1.20
  • Docker Community Edition 20.10
  • Docker Compose 1.28
  • Apache Kafka 2.6
  • IBM Business Automation Workflow
  • IBM Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software 9.7
  • IBM App Connect Enterprise 11.0
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.7.1
  • IBM Aspera® High-Speed Transfer Server 4.0.1