Configuring your message bus on z/OS after installation

If you did not have an existing WebSphere® embedded messaging (message bus) created before installation, then you must complete this procedure after you install InfoSphere® MDM on z/OS®.

About this task

After the installation completes, an error displays stating that the Install Verification Test did not pass. You can ignore this error if you complete these steps.


  1. Open the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions Console (admin console).
  2. Go to Service Integration > Buses > your application bus > Bus Members.
  3. On the bus members page, click your application bus member > your application SIB server > Message Store.
  4. Clear the Create tables option.
  5. Click Apply and then click Save directly to the master configuration.
  6. Synchronize your nodes and restart the application server. Stopping the server prevents WebSphere Application Server from attempting to create and connect to the SIB tables.
  7. Create the SIB tables for your instance by modifying the ZSIB.sql file for your schema, prefix, and database owner. In the file, replace <SCHEMA> with your schema name, <PREFIX> with your three character prefix, and <DBA ACCOUNT> with your database owner. Run the SQL as DB Owner.
    Note: The value of <PREFIX> is typically the last three characters of the schema name.
  8. Restart your application server.
  9. From the MDM_INSTALL_HOME/IVT directory, run the script.
    For example, use the command: DB_Schema DB_Password WAS_user WAS_password
  10. View the installation response files to ensure that the IVT was successful.

    Response files are in the MDM_INSTALL_HOME/IVT/testCases/xml/response and MDM_INSTALL_HOME/IVT/testCases/xml_virtual/response directories.