Installation directory worksheet

Use this worksheet to record the root directory of the host on which you want to install InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaboration Server - Collaborative Edition.

If you install more run time environments later, they might not point to the same database as the one used for the initial environment. If you are installing multiple run time environments, reuse the installation worksheet to define the unique directory values for each environment.
While installing:
  • Your installation directory path (for both MDM_INSTALL_HOME and IBMIMShared directories) must not contain any spaces.
  • Your installation directory must not contain a directory name that begins with a lowercase letter that follows a forward slash /a, for example, /opt/MDM/collaborative.
The parameters that are listed in the following table equate to user prompts or fields that you see in IBM® Installation Manager.
Table 1. IBM Installation Manager user prompts and fields for the installation directory worksheet
Parameter Description Your value
Use the existing package group Choose this option if you want the InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server - Collaborative Edition components to be installed into an existing Eclipse shell or directory. You cannot modify the directory name if you choose this option.

Do not choose this option if you previously installed other products by using IBM Installation Manager, such as IBM Rational® Application Developer (RAD).

Create a package group This option is the default setting. IBM Installation Manager creates a default IBM/MDM directory under the root directory that you choose. Or, you can name the directory as you want. For example: MDM_INSTALL_HOME/IBM/MDM_test or MDM_INSTALL_HOME/IBM/MDM_prod