The algorithm is the brain of certain configurations in the InfoSphere® MDM software, therefore, the proper data elements must be in place before you can fully develop the algorithm.

Use the Algorithms tab in the Configuration Editor to manage your algorithms. After your first pass at the operational server implementation, you can modify the algorithm configuration to better meet your matching and linking requirements. After making changes, you must derive data, generate weights, and run a bulk cross match again.

You can view differences between algorithms in an MDM Workbench project and those on an operational server by using the Configuration Comparison feature. See Views for more information.

If you are adding implementation-defined segments, be aware that the standardization and comparison functions that are included with InfoSphere MDM are designed to work only with the predefined segments. When creating an implementation-defined segment, make sure that the field types, lengths and sizes match the predefined segments. This ensures that the correct data lengths and sizes are detected by the API, and runtime processing can continue.