Disabling last date and time login tracking of MDM users

Some MDM implementations, especially if they use InfoSphere® MDM Inspector, want to track the date and time of users logging in to the application. However, the implementation of MDM metadata cache forces a full reload of the dictionary when any segment in the dictionary is updated, which might cause the operational server to stop responding for a few minutes when a large dictionary is in use. Customers with large dictionaries, can disable this option.

About this task

The default behavior is to update the last login date/time.


  1. In the mad.root.dir/conf directory, look for a file called com.ibm.mdm.mds.auth.logic.cfg. If it does not already exist, create it.
  2. In the file, add an entry to disable this feature as follows: updateLogin=false
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the operational server.

What to do next

Optional: To prevent the last login date/time from being displayed in InfoSphere MDM Inspector, set the DisplayLastLoginTime parameter to false in the inspector.properties file. See Inspector properties file.