Running VirtualInteractionProcessor as a batch process

Edit the configuration file to indicate that you want to use the VirtualInteractionProcessor processor when you run

About this task

Within the "Processor settings" section of the file, specify the VirtualInteractionProcessor processor and the associated classname:

Note: If you know that the virtual MDM interactions you are processing need to be mapped from one version to another, use the MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor processor instead of the VirtualInteractionProcessor processor. Use one processor or the other. Do not use both. For more information, see the link at the end of this topic.


  1. Navigate to the $home/properties directory.
  2. In the file, navigate to the "Processor settings" section.
  3. Include the following code:
    Processors = Reader,VirtualInteractionProcessor
    VirtualInteractionProcessor.number = 1
    VirtualInteractionProessor.classname =
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Run <Input URL> <Output URL>
    See the link at the end of this topic for more information about starting a batch job with a single input file.