Adding a query to a view

After the Analytics view has a data source associated with it, you can load one or more queries and view the results.

About this task

Use this procedure to load a query.


  1. In the view toolbar, click the Add query icon.
  2. On the Available Queries window, select the query and click OK. The query loads into the view.
  3. Select any options or values, and then click Run Query. The view is refreshed with the appropriate data.
  4. Multiple queries can be opened in each Analytics view. Use the Next query and Previous query toolbar icons to navigate between open queries. You can open multiple Analytics view instances and populate each with a set of queries. Open additional view instances by clicking the Add new view icon in the view toolbar.
  5. Some queries contain fields into which you can drill down to view more detailed data. If you want to “freeze” a view temporarily and drill down to a different view, click the Pin query icon.
  6. To remove all queries from a view, click the Clear queries icon.