Installing InfoSphere MDM

For all upgrades, you must first install the version of InfoSphere® MDM that you wish to upgrade to.

About this task

Important: Create a new database instance. Do not reuse an existing database.

As part of the upgrade process, you will install the latest version of the InfoSphere MDM operational server with the new database schema. However, that schema will be abandoned when the operational server is re-pointed to the upgraded schema from your current installation.

Do not install the new operational server into the schema for the previous version until you have upgraded the schema.


  1. Shut down any running instances of the prior InfoSphere MDM release: servers, engine, applications, and so forth.
  2. Install the latest version of InfoSphere MDM.
    For installation instructions, see the installation documentation.
  3. During the installation, create a new database instance for the new version of the operational server.