mpxxeia utility

The mpxxeia utility is a cross match program used to unload existing entity linkage data from the database.

The utility unloads contents of the mpi_entxeia_enttype table to binary format. If the mpxlink utility is run in InfoSphere® MDM Workbench with the “Force xeia information to default to existing information” option enabled, run the mpxxeia utility first. Used by the incremental cross match (IXM) process.

All options and flags are case independent; option values are not.

You only need to run this program for IXM.

Before you run a utility, make sure that you have set the necessary operational server environment variables. For information about the variables, see the operational server environment variables topic.

Table 1. mpxxeia utility options
Option Type Description Default
-entType Name Entity type name. This option identifies the type of entity that is being computed. If you are implementing multiple entity types (for example, identity and household), you must run the mpxlink utility for each type. This option is required and there is no default setting. NONE
-bxmOutDir dirName .bin file output directory. The directory in which you want the mpxxeia output binary files located. Binary output files are used by the relationship linkers. This directory is typically relative to the work directory on the server that hosts the hub, such as:


Generating output in binary form is optional. Specifying an output directory with this option is what causes binary output to be generated. If no directory is specified here, no binary output is generated.

-{no}bxmXeia   Write entity record number (entRecno) information from database -bxmXeia