mpinetget utility

The mpinetget utility captures operational server performance statistics without needing to shut down the operational server.

In mpinetget output, the time shown is in milliseconds (ms), and these values indicate interaction totals:

  • Totexecs, total number of interactions received by this operational server.
  • Totgood, number of the total interactions (Totexecs) that did not return an error code to the sender.

Before running mpinetget from the command line, make sure that your environment has MAD_CTXLIB set to MPINET (not ODBC) and points to the applicable operational server with MAD_CONNSTR. Running mpinetget in ODBC mode yields inapplicable results based on an internal instance of the operational server. In this case, the command creates the temporary instance, and all counts are 0. In a multi-operational server environment, run mpinetget against each operational server, and then calculate the totals. For information about the variables, see the operational server environment variables topic.

Table 1. mpinetget utility options
Option Type Description Default
-unl   Outputs the information to the screen  
-html   Dump the output to HTML format  
-report   Dumps the output to text format  
-usrLogin   User ID  
-usrPass   User password  
-bgcolor   Use with HTML only Pink