mpimcomp utility

The mpimcomp utility enables command-line access to the MEMCOMPARE (member compare) interaction.

This utility can be run from the command line or from InfoSphere® MDM Workbench, Virtual MDM > New Job Set. This command takes “entType memRecno1 memRecno2” as input text at the command line. It outputs the comparison information as text.

Restriction: When running the mpimcomp utility, you must use an MPINET connection. Make sure that you set the MAD_CTXLIB variable to MPINET.

Before you run a utility, make sure that you have set the necessary operational server environment variables. For information about the variables, see the operational server environment variables topic.

Table 1. mpimcomp utility options
Option Type Description Default
-entType memRecno1


Specifies the name of the entity on which to perform the operation  
-encoding   Determines the encoding of the .unl files. Options are LATIN1, UTF8, or UTF16. LATIN1
-usrLogin   User ID  
-usrPass   User password