Configuring WebSphere MQ classes for JMS applications

About this task

In order to start up the InfoSphere® MDM application, the get, browse, and inq permissions must be given to the InfoSphere MDM MQ user.

To set these permissions, take the following steps:


  1. Provide the connect and inq authorities to the InfoSphere MDM queue manager. For example, giving permission to queue manger QM.E001:
    setmqaut -m QM.E001 -t qmgr -p mdm-mq-user +connect +inq
  2. Run the command setmqaut -m QM.E001 -n <QUEUE_OBJECT> -t queue -p mdm-mq-user +get +browse +inq to enable permissions for each of the following queue objects:
    For example, for the MDM.ASYNCHRONOUS.WORK queue object, run the command:
    setmqaut -m QM.E001 -n MDM.ASYNCHRONOUS.WORK -t queue -p mdm-mq-user +get +browse +inq
  3. To give sub permission to the InfoSphere MDM MQ user for SYSTEM.BASE.TOPIC, run the following command:
    setmqaut -m QM.E001 -n SYSTEM.BASE.TOPIC -t topic -p mdm-mq-user +sub