Data change tracing using the Transaction Audit Information Log (TAIL)

The Transaction Audit Information log (TAIL) option allows you to track any data change in the system via an audit trail. For example, a user can track changes in contracts for a particular party, by transaction types, and dates.

An external transaction may be composed of other transactions called internal transactions. For example, an addPerson external transaction may contain a number of internal transactions such as addPerson, addPersonName and addIdentification. Transactions are logged at the external transaction level but can also include a selection of the internal transactions. TAIL can log all add, update, and other external transactions that update the database, for example, deleteParty, or collapseMultipleParties, as well as all get, getAll and search and getAll inquiry type external transactions. In addition, any of their associated internal transactions can be logged. The types of external transactions, along with the related internal transactions, that are logged by TAIL are user-configurable through the System Maintenance interface.

The Transaction Audit Logging screen in the Administration application displays all external transactions.