Relationship type attributes properties

When adding or editing a relationship type attribute, use this list as a reference for property names and descriptions for fields you can set in the Properties view.

You must be in the Expert Configuration editor, Relationship Types view. Select the Attributes tab, and the Properties view will load. The following table contains a list of the property names and descriptions that you can set for a relationship type attribute.

Table 1. Relationship type attributes properties
Property Description
attrrecno A read-only field containing the ATTRRECNO field from the operational server database.
Code The code used to define the attribute.
Description The description of the attribute.
Label A label for the attribute. This label appears under the Attribute Name column when you Inspect Relationships in InfoSphere® MDM Inspector.
Maximum active values The number in this field controls status assignment for updated values. For example, if this number is set to 1 or 0, only one attribute value of this type will have an active status. Any updates to that value results in the new value being active and the previous value becoming inactive.
Maximum existing values This number indicates how many updated values are stored in history. Whatever number this is set to, InfoSphere MDM stores that number of values, regardless of status, in history. For example, if it is set to 2 and there are two attribute values currently stored, a third value causes the earliest value to be removed (trimmed) from the database.
Name The name of the attribute.
Type The Attribute Type associated with the attribute. These are defined on the Attribute Types view for Relationship attribute types.