Entity types

An entity type allows for distinction between the way members are viewed and linked within InfoSphere® MDM, so each type is associated with a specific algorithm configuration.

Use the Entity Types view to define and manage your entity types (for example, Identity or Household).

Certain information managed through this view controls entity manager behavior.

Functionality is built into this component to help manage entity relationships by controlling whether same source auto-linking is allowed. For example, Member A and Member B, both from Source 1, do not score above the auto-link threshold for Source 1-to-Source 1 comparisons. However, in a Source 1-to-Source 2 comparison, Member C in Source 2 gets a favorable comparison above the auto-link threshold with both Members A and B. This scenario results in erroneously gluing A and B together in an entity with C. By turning off same-source auto-linking, you can help avoid the creation of erroneous entities.

Access the Entity Types view by first clicking the Member Types tab, and then clicking the Entity Types tab.