Example use of batches for synchronizing data

The batch processor can be used for synchronizing data.

A organization has implemented InfoSphere® MDM to manage its product category hierarchy. As part of the integration strategy with the backend systems, a batch process is created to synchronize the category attributes, such as name and description. A standard file format is created that all of the backend systems must adhere to. It contains:
  • Category administrative system key
  • Category name
  • Category description
The batch process reads the file. For each record, the batch process submits a transaction request to InfoSphere MDM to find the category based on the unique category administrative system key, and update the name and description if required. The transaction response is then captured in an output file for analysis.
  • Batch run type: Category Data Sync
  • File types:
    • Incoming file: Back-End Category Data
    • Outgoing file: Category Data Sync Results

It is possible to send files from different backend systems at any time. Files do not have to be consolidated into one file during a traditional batch window at night.