Invoking the hot-fix finder

Take the following steps to start the MDMSupport Hot-Fix finder tool:


  • To start the program, open a command window (Windows) or a terminal window (UNIX or Linux®) and run the appropriate command as follows:
    cd <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/MDMSupport
    ./ -v <file/directory>
    where <MDM_INSTALL_HOME> is the location where InfoSphere® MDM is installed. <file/directory> is the JAR, WAR, or EAR file of which version to be determined, or the directory which contains the JAR, WAR, or EAR files to be determined. For example, file: /tmp/DWLCommonServices.jar, /tmp/DWLCommonServicesWS_HTTPRouter.war, /tmp/MDM.ear or directory <WAS_HOME>/profiles/prof1/installedApps/server1Cell01/WCC.ear.
  • To suppress the detail file names in the result, run the program without the -v parameter.
    For example:
    ./ <file/directory>