Alternative SIF Sequencer setup

This topic provides an alternate setup procedure for the SIF Sequencer.

The instructions contained in this section replace steps 5 through 9 of the steps described in Basic Initial Load installation. The remaining steps, 10 through 14, are only slightly altered.

These instructions begin after Step 4. Install the BIL custom operators and Java™ libraries.

Alternate Step A. Import the SIF Sequencer DataStage assets

Using the InfoSphere DataStage® Designer client selectively import the InfoSphere DataStage assets (identified in the following procedure) into a newly-created InfoSphere DataStage project. The BIL jobs are contained in ZIP files within the BIL tarball, which will unzip into .dsx (InfoSphere DataStage export) files. These InfoSphere DataStage assets are found in the BIL.dsx file found in the MDMIS-BIL zip folder.

To perform a selective import, complete the following steps:

  1. In the InfoSphere DataStage Designer interface, select Import > Import DataStage Components.
  2. Navigate to the location of the BIL.dsx file and ensure that the Import selected option is selected.
  3. Select the following assets while holding the CTRL key on the keyboard:
    • BILCheckDirectory <Routine>
    • MDM_EC <Parameter Set>
    • MDMIS <Parameter Set>
    • ILISAddress <Shared Container>
    • ILISAlert <Shared Container>
    • ILISContact <Shared Container>
    • ILISContactMethod <Shared Container>
    • ILISContactRel <Shared Container>
    • ILISContract <Shared Container>
    • ILISContractAlert <Shared Container>
    • ILISContractComponent <Shared Container>
    • ILISContractCmpVal <Shared Container>
    • ILISContractMiscValue <Shared Container>
    • ILISContractRole <Shared Container>
    • ILISExternalMatch <Shared Container>
    • ILISIdentifier <Shared Container>
    • ILISLOBRel <Shared Container>
    • ILISMiscValue <Shared Container>
    • ILISNativeKey <Shared Container>
    • ILISOrgName <Shared Container>
    • ILISPersonName <Shared Container>
    • ILISPrivPref <Shared Container>
    • ILISRoleLocation <Shared Container>
    • BL_010_IS_Import_SIF_Contract <Job Design>
    • BL_010_IS_Import_SIF_Party <Job Design>
    • BL_500_SIF_SEQUENCER <Job Design>
    • BL_500_SS_Contract <Job Design>
    • BL_500_SS_Party <Job Design>
  4. Click OK to import all of the items that you have selected.

Alternate Step B. Update the MDMIS parameter set

Perform Step 10 from the Basic Initial Load installation section. Pay close attention to the setup of the following parameters:

After completing these alternate steps, continue with the remaining steps described in Basic Initial Load installation, beginning at Step 11.