Review identifier task

The MDM operational server detects unique identifiers by comparing records and tracking duplication of these identifiers, such as a personal identification number.

When the operational server detects two records that contain the same identifier number, the records should represent the same member (same source) or same entity (different sources). If attributes other than the identifiers reflect two different individuals, and the comparison score is below the clerical review threshold, a review identifier task is assigned. Review identifier tasks have a low or negative score. Review identifiers are the only tasks that are not a reflection of a comparison, but rather an identification of data that should not be shared.

Source Source ID Score Name Personal Identification Number Gender Phone Date of Birth
SYS A 123456 2 Graham, Lynn 482-89-1822 F 1231234 5/01/60
SYS A 895688 2 Public, John 482-89-1822 M 1236789 12/3/50

Review identifier tasks can be created across sources and within a single source.

Remember, previously defined identity and non-identity rules do play a role in whether members are placed in tasks.