Enabling user security for the operational server

User security for the operational server is disabled by default for both the Standard Edition and the Advanced Edition of InfoSphere® MDM. You can enable it by changing the /IBM/DWLCommonServices/Security/enabled setting.

About this task

The InfoSphere MDM Security Service is turned on when you change the parameter value for /IBM/DWLCommonServices/Security/enabled. The InfoSphere MDM Security Service allows InfoSphere MDM to take advantage of the authorization and authentication capabilities that are available within the application server.


  1. Open the Configuration and Management components interface.
  2. Find the setting /IBM/DWLCommonServices/Security/enabled.
  3. Change the value from false to true.
  4. Close the Configuration and Management interface.

What to do next

If security is enabled, client applications must authenticate to the operational server. As you develop applications, you can specify the requester name and user groups within the XML-based message that is passed to the application server's request-response system. The operational server validates the permissions against the user groups.

If you have installed the Advanced Edition and your implementation uses both the virtual MDM and the physical MDM, you must take more steps to configure user security for the virtual MDM users.