Workflow task tables

The set of task tables defines data that applies mainly to workflow concepts within the operational server. Certain classes of “events” and “states” occur through the normal course of member data updating, and these events are reflected in the task tables. Applications such as InfoSphere® MDM Inspector use this data to inform users of the courses of action that might be necessary to realign member data.

Workflow task tables include:

mpi_idtxtsk: Implementation defined tasks (custom tasks)

mpi_memxeia: Entity linkage history (Entity ID assignment)

mpi_memxtsk: Member task relationships

mpi_entxeia_xx: Entity linkage history where xx is the entity suffix

mpi_entxtsk_xx: Entity task relationship data where xx is the entity suffix

mpi_relxtsk: Relationship tasks

mpi_tsknote: Task notes

mpi_tskxmem: Task by member