The mpi_tskstat table is used to define task statuses.

Expanded name
Task Status Definitions
Table category
Base configuration
This task data table defines settings for the state of records during data cleanup.
Task members in mpi_memxtsk and mpi_entxtsk_XX are assigned a particular status.
Table 1. mpi_tskstat Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recstat Record status; A(ctive) or I(nactive)
tskstatno Unique identifier for workflow status. A value of 1 must equal UNEXAMINED, which indicates that the task has been generated but has not had any information changed in the resolution process (for example, IDs or workflow status has not changed) since creation.
tskstat Defined workflow statuses
tskstatlabel Workflow status labels
tskstatcat Workflow status categories
isresolved Y or N flag determining whether the tskstat value reflects resolution. An S in this column indicates a system task status that is reserved for the Outbound Message Brokers (for example, OB-Sent and OB-Reject). The operational server treats system task statuses as if they were Y. All values other than N result in a resolved task.
isupdatable Flag that indicates if this task can be updated. If set to Y (true), then a task row with this status can be updated from its current status (that is, Deferred) back to Unexamined.
isdeleteable Flag that indicates if this task can be deleted. If set to Y (true), a task row in this status can be removed by the operational server if new information makes the task invalid (for example, the score drops below the clerical review score or a Review Identifier task has an identifier that is changed or dropped).

mpi_tskstat SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_tskstat
caudrecno     bigint		NOT NULL,
maudrecno     bigint		NOT NULL,
recstat       nchar(1)		NOT NULL,
tskstatno     smallint		NOT NULL,
tskstat       nvarchar(32)	NOT NULL,
tskstatlabel  nvarchar(32)	NOT NULL,
tskstatcat    nvarchar(32)	NOT NULL,
isresolved    nchar(1)		NOT NULL,
isupdatable   nchar(1)		NOT NULL,
isdeletable   nchar(1)		NOT NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_tskstat0 ON mpi_tskstat (tskstatno)
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_tskstat1 ON mpi_tskstat (tskstat)