The mpi_strequi table is used to define equivalent string values.

Expanded name
Equivalent String Values
Table category
Algorithm configuration
The bucketing and comparison algorithms operate on normalized values, in order to reduce common, insignificant variations of the data.
This table is a child table of mpi_strhead.
Table 1. mpi_strequi Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recstat Record status; A(ctive) or I(nactive)
strcode Defined code from mpi_strhead
strval1 Normalized value
strval2 Nickname value

mpi_strequi SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_strequi
caudrecno  bigint	NOT NULL,
maudrecno  bigint	NOT NULL,
recstat    nchar(1)	NOT NULL,
strcode    nvarchar(40)	NOT NULL,
strval1    nvarchar(63)	NOT NULL,
strval2    nvarchar(63)	NOT NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_strequi1 ON mpi_strequi (strcode, strval1, strval2)