The mpi_relsegattr table is used to associate relationship segments to relationship attributes.

Expanded name
Relationship segment to relationship attribute
Table category
Defines relationship segment and relationship type to relationship attributes.
Not applicable.
Table 1. mpi_relsegattr Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recstat Record status; A(ctive) or I(nactive)
relattrrecno Relationship attribute record number
reltypeno Numeric value for the relationship type
segcode Storage segment code from mpi_seghead (specifies physical table)
attrcode Attribute code
attrname Attribute name
attrlabel Attribute label, can be used for reports or interactive screen displays
attrdesc Longer text description of the attribute
nsactive Determines the number of active values to maintain for this member; the number of allowable active-status instances for an attribute type (applies at a memrecno-atterecno-asaidxno level). A value of 0 retains an indefinite number of active values. A value of 1 retains one active value of an attribute type; the MCA attribute is the active attribute and all previous values become inactive. A value of 2 maintains two active values, and so on.
nsexists Determines the maximum number of instances for member attrcodes (applies at a memrecno-atterecno-asaidxno level). The system trims off (deletes) any instances greater than this number. A value of 0 equals no restriction on the number of attribute values stored for member; historical values are note trimmed. A value greater than 0 dictates to the system to trim any historical attribute values over that number. For instance, if you have nsexists set to 3, and you have 3 values for the HOMEADDR attribute, and you update the member and add a fourth value, the oldest value is deleted.

mpi_relsegattr SQL:

create table mpi_relsegattr
caudrecno      bigint		NOT NULL,
maudrecno      bigint		NOT NULL,
recstat        nchar(1)		NOT NULL,
relattrrecno   smallint		NOT NULL,
reltypeno      smallint		NOT NULL,
segcode        nvarchar(12)	NOT NULL,
attrcode       nvarchar(12)	NOT NULL,
attrname       nvarchar(40)	NOT NULL,
attrlabel      nvarchar(40)	NOT NULL,
attrdesc       nvarchar(255)	NULL,
nsactive       smallint		NOT NULL,
nsexists       smallint		NOT NULL 
create unique index mpi_relsegattr0 on mpi_relsegattr (relattrrecno);
create unique index mpi_relsegattr1 on mpi_relsegattr (attrcode);
create unique index mpi_relsegattr2 on mpi_relsegattr (attrname);
create unique index mpi_relsegattr3 on mpi_relsegattr (attrlabel);