The mpi_memxeia table stores historical member-linkage information.

Expanded name
Member Linkage History
Table category
Workflow task
Enables a historical view of modifications to member linkages created as a result of user evaluation or merge and unmerge transactions.
This table contains reference pairs to mpi_memhead. Indirectly (due to references from mpi_memhead) the source codes should be in mpi_srchead.
Table 1. mpi_memxeia Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
memrecno Unique member record number from mpi_memhead
srcrecno Source record, from mpi_srchead
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recctime Record creation date and time
recmtime Record modification date and time
eiatypeno The EIA type value
eiastatno The enterprise workflow status
eiastatno2 Historical enterprise workflow status
tsktypeno Identifies the task type associated with this record; from mpi_tsktype
tskstatno Task workflow status, from mpi_tskstat
usrrecno The user ID associated with resolution; from mpi_usrhead
maxscore The maximum comparison score for relevant records
supmemrecno The superseding memrecno value (for merges)
xtskcarn The task creation audit record number; provides an audit trail to the event which created the task represented by this history record.

mpi_memxeia SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_memxeia
memrecno    bigint    NOT NULL,
srcrecno    smallint  NOT NULL,
caudrecno   bigint    NOT NULL,
maudrecno   bigint    NOT NULL,
recctime    datetime  NOT NULL,
recmtime    datetime  NOT NULL,
eiatypeno   smallint  NOT NULL,
eiastatno   smallint  NOT NULL,
eiastatno2  smallint  NOT NULL,
tsktypeno   smallint  NOT NULL,
tskstatno   smallint  NOT NULL,
usrrecno    smallint  NOT NULL,
maxscore    smallint  NOT NULL,
supmemrecno bigint    NOT NULL,
xtskcarn    bigint    NOT NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memxeia1 ON mpi_memxeia (memrecno,caudrecno)
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memxeia2 ON mpi_memxeia 
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memxeia3 ON mpi_memxeia