The mpi_memqryd table is used to facilitate browsing-style queries.

Expanded name
Member Query Data
Table category
This table provides a shortcut method of assigning data from other tables into a smaller, compact form for browsing-style queries. This table, in effect, duplicates data segments if the mpi_segattr definition includes a query-data-generation flag. It is a form of the derived data set of tables.
Members of the mpi_memhead table have derived data stored here. The record must belong to one of the defined segments specified in mpi_segattr.
Table 1. mpi_memqryd Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
memrecno Unique member number from mpi_memhead
srcrecno Source record, from mpi_srchead
qryrole Query role identifier
qryval String

mpi_memqryd SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_memqryd 
memrecno  bigint      	NOT NULL,
srcrecno  smallint    	NOT NULL,
qryrole   smallint    	NOT NULL,
qryval    nvarchar(64) 	NOT NULL
CREATE INDEX mpi_memqryd1 ON mpi_memqryd (memrecno)
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memqryd2 ON mpi_memqryd