The mpi_memnote table stores member-specific notes added through client applications.

Expanded name
Member Notes
Table category
This member table stores notes applicable to a given member. While it can be considered as representing one of the core data model data types, it differs from such in one important way. All records are “active” in that they have no delineation of validity or status. A note is really an open-ended extension of a related member-attribute record.
This table is a child table of mpi_memhead. Individual notes apply to any table in any of the member-attribute tables: mpi_memxxxx. Data storage segments are defined in mpi_seghead. Record creation times are associated with mpi_audhead records.
Table 1. mpi_memnote Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
memrecno Unique member number from mpi_memhead
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
cusrrecno Current user record number
musrrecno Modified user record number
thenote Note text

mpi_memnote SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_memnote 
memrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
caudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
maudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
cusrrecno	int		NOT NULL,
musrrecno	int		NOT NULL,
thenote		nvarchar(255)	NOT NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memnote1 ON mpi_memnote (memrecno, caudrecno)