The mpi_memique table is an operational server internal-use-only table.

Expanded name
Member Input Queue
This table is for internal operational server use only.
This table references mpi_memhead through memrecno, mpi_srchead through srcrecno, mpi_audhead through audrecno, and mpi_usrhead through usrrecno.

A field by field description is unavailable for this table.

mpi_memique SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_memique 
memrecno  bigint	NOT NULL,
srcrecno  smallint	NOT NULL,
audrecno  bigint	NOT NULL, 
usrrecno  int		NOT NULL,
wrkcode   nchar(1)	NOT NULL,
wrkowner  nvarchar(16)	NOT NULL 
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memique1 ON mpi_memique (memrecno, audrecno)
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_memique2 ON mpi_memique (audrecno, memrecno)