The mpi_evtdest contains a list of event destinations to which events are published for event notification.

Expanded name
Event Destination
Table category
Event Notification
This table defines the destination to which event notifications are published.
References mpi_audhead.
Table 1. mpi_evtdest Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recstat Record status; A(ctive) or I(nactive)
evtdestno Event destination number
evtdestname Event destination queue name
evtdestdesc Event destination description
pubname Publication name
pubargs This field is for future use, however an event handler implementation can use this field for publication arguments. For example, downstream systems might require the operational server to set some message properties in the JMS message that are interpreted by the consuming system. These properties are generally in the format of key=value.

mpi_evtdest SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_evtdest
caudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
maudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
recstat		nchar(1)	NOT NULL,
evtdestno	smallint	NOT NULL,
evtdestname	nvarchar(32)	NOT NULL,
evtdestdesc	nvarchar(255)	NULL
pubname		nvarchar(255)	NOT NULL,
pubargs		nvarchar(255)	NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_evtdest0 ON mpi_evtdest (evtdestno )  
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_evtdest1 ON mpi_evtdest (evtdestname,pubname )