The mpi_entique table is an operational server internal-use-only table.

Expanded name
Entity Manager Input Queue
This internal table is for operational server use only. A table is created for each entity type you have configured for your project (for example, id - Identity or hh - Household).
Cross references mpi_memhead through memrecno, mpi_srchead through srcrecno, mpi_audhead through audrecno, and mpi_usrhead through usrrecno.

A field by field description is unavailable for this table.

mpi_entique SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_entique_xx
memrecno  bigint	NOT NULL,
srcrecno  smallint	NOT NULL,
audrecno  bigint	NOT NULL,
usrrecno  int		NOT NULL,
wrkcode   nchar(1)	NOT NULL,
wrkowner  nvarchar(16)	NOT NULL 
wrkprior  smallint	NOT NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_entique1_xx ON mpi_entique_xx (memrecno,audrecno)
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_entique2_xx ON mpi_entique_xx