The mpi_dvdxqry table defines the associations between query roles and standardization roles.

Expanded name
Derived Data Query Role Definitions
Table category
Algorithm configuration
This table provides the definition of query roles and their linkage to standardization roles.
This table references: mpi_dvdhead table through dvdcode, mpi_dvdxstd table through stdrole, and mpi_memqryd table through qryrole.
Table 1. mpi_dvdxqry Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
caudrecno Creation of this particular record, from mpi_audhead
maudrecno Last time the record value was modified, from mpi_audhead
recstat Record status; A(ctive) or I(nactive)
dvdcode Derived data code value
dvdseqno Derived data sequence number
stdrole Standardization role number
qryrole Query role number
qryrolelabel Query role name
rsfilter Record status on which to filter; any combination of the following statuses– ‘A'ctive, ‘I'nactive, ‘D'eleted, ‘S'hadow (comma-delimited)
dvdargs Derived data arguments passed to the library function
dvddesc Optional derived data bucket instance description

mpi_dvdxqry SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_dvdxqry
caudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
maudrecno	bigint		NOT NULL,
recstat		nchar(1)	NOT NULL,
dvdcode		nvarchar(12)	NOT NULL,
dvdseqno	smallint	NOT NULL,
stdrole		smallint	NOT NULL,
qryrole		smallint	NOT NULL,
qryrolelabel	nvarchar(32)	NOT NULL,
rsfilter	nvarchar(8)	NOT NULL,
dvdargs		nvarchar(255)	NULL,
dvddesc		nvarchar(255)	NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_dvdxqry1 ON mpi_dvdxqry (dvdcode,dvdseqno)