The mpi_audhead table is used to associate user and system interactions for audit trail management.

Expanded name
Audit Data Header
Table category
The mpi_audhead table is the key auditing table for record modifications. This table associates user and system interactions with date and time values for audit trail management.
There are relationships between mpi_audhead and mpi_ixnhead, mpi_usrhead, and mpi_evttype.
Table 1. mpi_audhead Attribute Descriptions
Attribute Description
audrecno Unique identifier associated with the creation of a record, and key to the mpi_audhead table
audseqno Unique sequence identifier
usrrecno Unique user ID number from mpi_usrhead
ixnrecno Interaction identifier
audctime Audit record creation time
evtctime Event creation time (from the source of the data)
evttypeno Event type
evtinitiator Event initiation identifier (defined by external application)
evtlocation Event location identifier (defined by external application)

mpi_audhead SQL:

CREATE TABLE mpi_audhead
audrecno      bigint		NOT NULL,
audseqno      smallint		NOT NULL,
usrrecno      smallint		NOT NULL,
ixnrecno      smallint		NOT NULL,
audctime      datetime		NOT NULL,
evtctime      datetime		NOT NULL,
evttypeno     smallint		NOT NULL,
evtinitiator  nvarchar(64)	NULL,
evtlocation   nvarchar(32)	NULL
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX mpi_audhead0 ON mpi_audhead (audrecno)