The CDENTITYNAMETP table defines the entities that can be associated with consent items.

This table is used by the following domain: Party Domain

Field Description Data Type Null Option Is PK
LANG_TP_CD The language of the entity. BIGINT Not null Yes
ENTITY_NAME_TP_CD The ID of the entity. BIGINT Not null Yes
NAME The name of the entity. VARCHAR(120) Not null No
DESCRIPTION The description of the entity. VARCHAR(250) Null No
MDM_OWNED Indicates where the entity is managed. It can be either of the following numbers:
  • 0 to indicate that the entity is not managed by InfoSphere┬« MDM.
  • 1 to indicate that the entity is managed by InfoSphere MDM. In this case, the INSTANCE_PK value is verified.
BIGINT Not null No
EXPIRY_DT The date and time when the entity expires. TIMESTAMP Null No
LAST_UPDATE_USER The name of the user who last updated the entity. VARCHAR(20) Null No
LAST_UPDATE_DT The time stamp of the last update. TIMESTAMP Not null No