The CDCONSPROVCATTP table defines the consent provision categories. A consent provision category determines the format of the content provision content.

This table is used by the following domain: Party Domain

Field Description Data Type Null Option Is PK
LANG_TP_CD The language of the consent provision category. BIGINT Not null Yes
CONS_PROV_CAT_TP_CD The unique ID of the category. BIGINT Not null Yes
NAME The name of the category. VARCHAR(120) Not null No
DESCRIPTION The description of the category. VARCHAR(250) Null No
EXPIRY_DT The date and time when the category expires. TIMESTAMP Null No
LAST_UPDATE_USER The name of the user who last updated the category. VARCHAR(20) Null No
LAST_UPDATE_DT The time stamp of the last update. TIMESTAMP Not null No