The CDCLIENTIMPTP contains the client importance type code values and their descriptions. The importance type can be used to indicated VIP situations or other special services that can be applied to this contact.

This table is used by the following domain.
Name Comment Datatype Null Option Is PK
LANG_TP_CD Identifies a spoken language, such as English, French, Spanish, or German. When used as part of the primary key of a code value lookup table, the Language Type Code also represents the language of the code name. BIGINT Not Null Yes
CLIENT_IMP_TP_CD An identifier that uniquely separates one client importance type from another. Examples include high, medium, and low. BIGINT Not Null Yes
NAME A short, meaningful label for the value of the type code. VARCHAR(120) Not Null No
DESCRIPTION Provides extra information either as an additional definition of the type code value or as free form user comments to provide further meaning to the type code. VARCHAR(255) Null No
EXPIRY_DT The date that the type code is no longer valid. TIMESTAMP Null No
LAST_UPDATE_DT When a record is added or updated, this field is updated with the date and time. On subsequent updates, the system uses this information to ensure that the update request includes a matching date and time on this field; if it does not, the update fails. TIMESTAMP Not Null No