The CATEGORYNLS table contains the language sensitive fields for the CATEGORY table.

This table is used by the following domain.
Name Comment Datatype Null Option Is PK
CATEGORY_NLS_ID A unique, system-generated key that identifies a localized category in the system. BIGINT Not Null Yes
CATEGORY_ID The primary key of the category record. BIGINT Not Null No
LANG_TP_CD Language type code. BIGINT Not Null No
NAME Localized name for the category name. VARCHAR(120) Not Null No
DESCRIPTION Localized description for the category description. VARCHAR(255) Null No
LAST_UPDATE_DT When a record is added or updated, this field is updated with the date and time. On subsequent updates, the system uses this information to ensure that the update request includes a matching date and time on this field; if it does not, the update fails. TIMESTAMP Not Null No
LAST_UPDATE_USER The ID of the user who last updated the data. VARCHAR(20) Null No
LAST_UPDATE_TX_ID A unique, system-generated key that identifies the specific transaction within the log system that either created, updated, or deleted the data row. BIGINT Null No