Base configuration tables

Base configuration tables define the baseline information for the operational server to initialize and load dependent components and allow access for modification of runtime configuration information.

The base configuration tables include:

mpi_cmpfunc: Comparison function definitions

mpi_cvwfunc: Composite function definitions

mpi_cvwhead: Composite view definitions

mpi_eiastat: Entity task status resolution definitions

mpi_eiatype: Entity task type resolution definitions

mpi_exchead: Exception header (not currently used)

mpi_excspec: Exception function specifications (not currently used)

mpi_excfunc: Exception function definitions (currently unused)

mpi_grphead: Group definitions

mpi_ixnhead: Interaction function definitions

mpi_libhead: Comparison, derivation, and standardization library definitions

mpi_memstat: Member status definitions (not currently used)

mpi_seghead: Segment-to-database table definitions

mpi_seqgen: Sequence number generator

mpi_stdfunc: Standardization function definitions

mpi_syskey: Defines system key (version) information

mpi_sysprop: Defines system properties

mpi_tskstat: Task status definitions

mpi_tsktype: Task type definitions

mpi_usrhead: User definitions with base permissions