Anonymous addresses

InfoSphere® MDM can be configured to ignore anonymous values in data input during the standardization and comparison process. The operational server handles anonymous addresses differently than other types of anonymous attributes.

If the operational server finds the ADDR2-MANON string code in the mpi_strhead table, it checks for the anonymous address values in the mpi_stranon table. Furthermore, the algorithm xxADDR2 standardization functions (for example, USADDR2, UKADDR2) do not require an “Anonymous string code” to be assigned, which is the usual trigger for the InfoSphere MDM to incorporate other types of anonymous attributes, such as names.

An anonymous address String Code value is ADDR2-MANON (see Adding a string), and its string value file (see Adding string value files) must contain standardized addresses. One method of obtaining standardized addresses is described in the Standardizing anonymous address strings topic.