Enabling SSL for virtual MDM web applications deployed to a remote application server

When you deploy virtual MDM web applications to a remote application server (not the one hosting the MDM operational server) and want to enable SSL mode, you must complete these steps in WebSphere® Application Server administrative console. Virtual web applications include Inspector, Enterprise Viewer, Web Reports, and Provider Direct.


  1. Import the SSL certificate from the application server that is hosting the MDM operational server to the application server that hosts the web applications. From the application server that is hosting your web applications:
    1. Open WebSphere Application Server administrative console and go to Security > SSL certificate and key management > Key stores and certificates.
    2. On the Key stores and certificates page, select your CellDefaultTrustStore.
    3. On the CellDefaultTrustStore page, select Signer certificates.
    4. Click Retrieve from port and enter the necessary information:
      • Host: specify the host name or IP address of the server that hosts the MDM operational server
      • Port: specify the WC_defaulthost_secure port of the deployed WebSphere Application Server
      • Alias: specify the alias name
    5. Click Retrieve signer information.
    6. Click Save.
  2. Open each virtual web application property file and set the property UseSSL=true.
  3. Restart your web applications.

What to do next

For additional information, see the Securing Communications topic in the related information link.